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weed card

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Happy Friday

Good times are here again! But kids, in the wonderful words of Reggie Watts:

Don’t do drugs… unless you’re really good at them.

Have fun,

Bob Oh

Sun is here…

looking forward to some good times this spring and summer. Hope to hit the trails this weekend.

Roll on,

Capt Bob

The trees are drawing me near, I've got to find out why

Something, calls to me,
The trees are drawing me near, I’ve got to find out why
Those gentle voices I hear, explain it all with a sigh.

Tuesday Afternoon – Moody Blues

Roll call – Baby Huey

“…then one day a partner of yours gives you one of those funny looking cigarettes. says: It’s time for you, for you to get mellow one more time. And after that first hit, the whole world sort of brightens up just a little bit” Baby Huey and the Baby Sitters, A Change is Gonna Come

Sam Cook’s version is number one, but I do like Baby Huey:

I’m talking about me and you’re reading about you (Rap chat)


Captain Bob here. I can not stop listening to Das Racist. It started with The Hood Internet’s Das Racist vs Cults mash up and snow balled once I downloaded Sit Down, Man and Shut Up, Dude which are both FREE (yes free fools) downloads from Das Racist’s website. I know rap is not for everyone and Das Racist is certainly not for every rap fan, but you might want check it out. Here is some more non original content in the form of one of their videos:

Have fun,


I’m swell, how are you?

Nothing like a good weekend bike ride to clear the head and rejuvenate the soul. I headed up to Auburn to take a crack at the lake Clementine loop on my rigid, single speed 29’er. Being that I’m out of shape and over weight it was harder than I imagined. I also made the big mistake of wearing my S works mtb shoes. These suckers are great for riding, but suck ass for hike a bike, which of course I ended up doing in substantial amounts. It was wind sprint to walk, to wind sprint to walk all the way to the top. My heal paid the price:


Why yes, that is a Robt Williams Santa Cruz deck in the backgroung

More photos in the post (and they are not gross).

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