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The videos

Been sick and no time for bicycling much less blogging. Oh well, no one really missed me. Anyway, here are some videos y’all need to watch:

Bike related

same guy with his brother:

I have no need for this gun, but I still want one:


Happy Friday

Good times are here again! But kids, in the wonderful words of Reggie Watts:

Don’t do drugs… unless you’re really good at them.

Have fun,

Bob Oh

I’m talking about me and you’re reading about you (Rap chat)


Captain Bob here. I can not stop listening to Das Racist. It started with The Hood Internet’s Das Racist vs Cults mash up and snow balled once I downloaded Sit Down, Man and Shut Up, Dude which are both FREE (yes free fools) downloads from Das Racist’s website. I know rap is not for everyone and Das Racist is certainly not for every rap fan, but you might want check it out. Here is some more non original content in the form of one of their videos:

Have fun,


420 challenge

Anyone up for Captain Bob’s 420 challenge? What is it you ask? It is a ride I have had in mind ever since Mr Phelps got into trouble. The details: meet in Discovery Park (Sacramento) and ride to Folsom Lake and back on 4/20/11 in 4 hours and 20 minutes (or less). The ride is 64 miles, so you need to average 15 miles an hour to complete it on time. I’ll make a flyer and see if anyone is down. It is on a Wednesday, so I might be flying solo…

Just me and my bike for a better life.

My plan was, and is, to use mainly original content on this here blog, but I felt like I just had to post this video. These kids sum it up.