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I’m swell, how are you?

Nothing like a good weekend bike ride to clear the head and rejuvenate the soul. I headed up to Auburn to take a crack at the lake Clementine loop on my rigid, single speed 29’er. Being that I’m out of shape and over weight it was harder than I imagined. I also made the big mistake of wearing my S works mtb shoes. These suckers are great for riding, but suck ass for hike a bike, which of course I ended up doing in substantial amounts. It was wind sprint to walk, to wind sprint to walk all the way to the top. My heal paid the price:


Why yes, that is a Robt Williams Santa Cruz deck in the backgroung

More photos in the post (and they are not gross).

The decent was fun. Yes, 29’ers do roll better and even with the rigid fork was able to get up to speed a couple of times. Of course by time I got half way down the confluence trail (if you don’t know the area I speak of, well there is google) my hands were on fire. I started to get passed by a bunch of high school kids. I kept thinking, hey you little fockers, I’m on a rigid bike, but then I checked my ego as I’m sure they did not care what kind of bike this 40 year old father was on, just glad I pulled over to the right. Anyway, here are a few photos:


Unidentified rider at the Waterfall on confluence

This section was ripping fun the rigid cracker

Looking down on the river and motorcycle park

Have fun,

Captain Bob


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