Just another bike blog by a bike riding Viper

So.. what’s this all about?

So, just what is this blog all about you may ask yourself? Well I started this blog for a variety of reasons. First off, it should be obvious I like to get tuned up (by attending “safety meetings” that usually consist of one viper) before I ride my bike. These leads to all kinds of good blog posts in my mind that never actually pop out for human consumption, but trust me they are good and I’m hoping to prove that to you now that I have an outlet. Another reason is that I feel like bike riders who like to drink are well represented in the bike blogosphere by sites like http://drunkcyclist.com/ , http://allhailtheblackmarket.com/, http://evilcycling.com/ and http://www.ritteracing.com/blog/, but us vipers… well not so much. To be fair Evil and Drunk have their occasional viper post, but I know Stevil of AHTBM is not really down.


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