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Oh no thanks.. I’ve got some store bought right over here…



Not much to say today, but here are some Fascinating Links

Joe Rogan #127
More from the source

Das Racist – no bike stuff, nothing new…

I like this song:

Always wondered where the ending came from:

The mashup from the Hood Internet that got me into Das Racist

best mash up ever?

I don’t know.. you tell me:
Ain’t Nuthin but a G thang vs. Bharat

Life is short

Pretty funny: Kat Williams Weed

The videos

Been sick and no time for bicycling much less blogging. Oh well, no one really missed me. Anyway, here are some videos y’all need to watch:

Bike related

same guy with his brother:

I have no need for this gun, but I still want one:

I have to post today…

… for obvious reason, but I really have no time. So I’ll send you to the 420 mix on Street Boners. I’m listening to it right now and so far, so good.